Written: 12/01/2024
Mid January Update on Our New ERP & Important Customer Info
You may have seen Gary’s video this week on our Facebook page or YouTube Channel in which he announced that our new ERP will be going live on Thursday 1st of February, and as part of that we would be making changes to some codes and pack sizes.

From the links below you can download a letter with our latest news and explanation of some of the things you can expect to see as well as details of some downtime we’ll need to have on our website. Also attached is a spreadsheet detailing the lines that we will be making changes to and a further PDF explaining those changes. As Gary said in this video, some of these changes may effect you, some of them won’t, but it’s worth looking over them to see.

We will continue to keep you as informed as we work through this transition.

Download - New ERP Announcement 2
Download - Items that will have changes from 1st of Feb 2024 - In Excel
Download - Item Changes Explained